Episode 2. Sakudii bayláá! Shake and dance! Portuguese Burgher káfriinha (27 May 2022) shownotes

This ep dedicated to the late Rachel Outschoorn explores Portuguese Burgher káfriinha. Guests:  A/Prof. Hugo Cardoso, Asian Portuguese creole language expert, then Newton & Felicita Sellar, Angelo & Tharniya Pietersz, Kiliptan Sellar & Rushman Outschoorn who play in one of the main Portuguese Burgher music and dance groups in Batticaloa.

Mahesh:  káfriinha in Portuguese Burgher culture and Sri Lanka present and past.
Hugo Cardoso: how he got into studying Asian Portuguese creole languages,  language situation in South Asia following Portuguese colonialism,  first impressions of Indo-Portuguese performance,  value of music in language documentation and revitalisation, song ‘Montááyantu loteem ooru’ performed by Rachel Outschoorn with Newton Sellar.
DSLP FB page: https://www.facebook.com/srilankaportuguese/
SLP language learning instagram page (Patrícia Costa & Vyvonne Joseph): https://www.instagram.com/srilankaportuguese/
Newton Sellar and group: what is káfriinha,  importance of káfriinha to Portuguese Burgher identity, earliest memories of music,  women in káfriinha, the significance of “sakudii” (shaking) in káfriinha dance movement, hopes for the future.
Burgher Folks: https://www.facebook.com/Burgher-Folks-Sri-Lanka-108371357178747

Music featured
Live performances
– Second káfriinha – Tharniya Pietersz (violin) [1:17:17-1:17:49]
– Tééra isti tééra – Burgher Folks – [1:22:37-1:24:59]
– Boos boos boos boos- Burgher Folks – [1:25:43-1:27:09]
From Cardoso, Hugo C. 2017. Documentation of Sri Lanka Portuguese. Endangered Languages Archive. Handle: http://hdl.handle.net/2196/00-0000-0000-000F-CB5E-2.
– slp049_8 Rachel Outschoorn- koranjaniita (song), [0:06-0:36]
– slp035_1 Newton Sellar house rehearsal [2:03-3:54]
– slp095_1 Newton Sellar & group at Eastern University (áádi aavndu kapáátu) [3:50-4:30]
– slp059_4 Philomena Jonathan báyla songs [13:57-16:03]
– slp040_6 Iva Andrado (violin), Edward Outschoorn (rabáána), Remina Andrado, Frida Silva, Jacinta Silva, Noel Sellar (saláári) – song: béétál yabotáá [23:50-24:45]
– slp001 Afro-Sri Lankan performance Colombo (Arabi Chayaca Lora) [31:57-33:30]
– slp039_1  Fourth káfriinha [46:54-50:39]
– slp039_2 (Fifth káfriinha) [1:02:24-1:05:45]
– slp039_7 Rachel & Newton: montááyantu loteem ooru [39:33-41:32]
From Ian Russell Smith (collector), 1973. Indo-Portuguese (Sri Lanka). Collection IRS01 at catalog.paradisec.org.au [Open Access]. https://dx.doi.org/10.4225/72/56E825242DE0C
– IRS01-SLP15-A- Batéé Batéé, Hector Tenarrenz, Rennie Ockersz, Rachel Outschoorn, Kulaavadi group with music. (Recorded simultaneously by Ian Smith and Kenneth David Jackson [12:40-16:26 in orig, 1:29:01-1:32:56 in podcast]
– IRS01-SLP13-B,  “Music played when bride and groom are going to their room. Recorded 26/5/74, Batticaloa. Announcer Ronald Rosairo (born 1906).  Clarence Hendrick – leader & violin, Monica Ockersz – violin, Freddy Sellar – mandolin, Festus Peters – guitar, Ivo (Iva) Andrado – drum” [8:25-10:13 in orig, 9:43-11:43 in podcast] and “Cafferinha dance (third)” [20:10-22:00 in orig, 58:28-59:23 podcast]
– Vāda baila by MS Fernando and Milton Silva (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDjfhu9Q-nw) [7:45-8:20]

Produced by Mahesh White-Radhakrishnan & Georgia Curran
Theme music by Mahesh remixed by Arian Pearson

Thanks to Australian Anthropological Society, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, PARADISEC, Hugo Cardoso, Ian Smith, Kenneth David Jackson, Newton & Felicita Sellar, Angelo & Tharniya Pietersz, Kiliptan Sellar, Rushman Outschoorn, Joe Gould, Vera Williams Tetteh, Jennifer White-Radhakrishnan and Dinali Fernando.